Hello world!

I attended an event hosted by iCrossing today where Antony Mayfield gave talk called ‘You and your web shadow‘ which was about just that. Me and my web shadow!

With a name like Neil Lewis it was always going to be unlikely I would appear high on any results from a search engine, after all I hadn’t published anything on the web about myself (apart from a few status updates and pictures on Facebook and some pictures on Flickr!).

The talk that Antony gave inspired me to experiment with the world of digital media so I decided to write a blog about something which I hope will benefit a few of you – renovating a house.  I don’t promise to update this every day but will try to update it once a week. It’s a scary thought that Antony may even see this post, if you do see this Antony, please let me know what you think and please point out any mistakes!

One of my strengths is being organised. My friends would say my planning and list making are abnormal but I hope some of the things I write will help others who may decide to renovate a house. If anyone has any ideas please let me know as I’m open to suggestions.

It’s late now so I’ll start the real thing tomorrow!!!


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